Big Bang Theory

I’ve tried but I’m at a loss. My 15 year old son loves the Big Bang Theory and I let him watch it and in all the times he’s watched it I have yet to see one funny moment. Of course he is 15 so I guess it’s makes sense that it’s funny to him. The thing that makes very little sense to me is that people over the age of 15 find it amusing too.

It’s a one joke premise that is repeated ad nauseum and written on a sophomoric level.

Strange and a bit depressing…

What’s most depressing is that 2 1/2 Men and Big Bang Theory was and is advertised as America’s #1 Comedies.

Says a lot about the state of America today I suppose~ you get what you ask for~


6 responses to “Big Bang Theory

  1. ouch, do I feel the fool…I love Big Bang, I am so immature! I don’t like 2 and 1/2…hope that redeems me somewhat. 😉

    • It’s ok Holly. I’m the only stick-in-the-mud that doesn’t like it. I mean I don’t HATE it but, IMHO, it’s no “Frasier”. (but then again I guess I’m an old crank-pot! lol)

      • o, I love Frasier too. I realize BB doesn’t have the sophistication of Frasier and is appealing to the young, but it is so cute!

  2. All comedy shows have to be written for their audience – young guys without dates – and must feature characters even more dysfunctional than they are in order to make them feel socially competent. I avoid things like How I Met Your Mother (dated, smutty, childish humor) and Scrubs (I just don’t get it), but I am a big fan of Big Bang. It knocks domeheads off their pedestals but provides some real science snippets. (Sheldon appears to be a reincarnation of Isaac Newton, a genius, but a damaged and vindictive genius.) My family finds it funny even when they don’t get the science references; it’s even funnier if you do.

    • Agree Andy! To me Scrubs had its moments but they were hit or miss. HIMYM is another in the 2 1/2 Men mold. I get what’s humorous about BB but to me it’s one-note. The fact that it’s so scientific is funny but nothing that couldn’t be gleened from Wikipedia. The characters, to me, are well defined but narrow and not well developed. They and the show don’t “go anywhere” episode to episode and the jokes are just ok. Again, just my opinion. The characters are cartoonish to me.
      My 2 most recent favorites’s have been Frasier and The Office, one being rediculous and the other more sophisticated but both had great character and story developement. Back in the day I loved All In The Family, Barney Miller and Taxi which all suffered from great writing~

      • I never saw the American Office, but fail to see Ricky Gervais (the originator and UK version star) as funny. He probably doesn’t like my Scifi writing in return 😉

        I don’t know if it’s because I am getting older, but I find so little modern comedy actually FUNNY… or is this some post-modern point I am missing? If you like comedy to be funny, please don’t watch any UK series. I am so grateful to be warned “The next programme is a comedy”. Presumably that info is just in case no-one realizes.

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